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Hi!Thank you for visiting to our page.

We have several tuk tuk drivers here in Villa sweet!

We are working togethr like a family for long time.

Safe,secure and fare price!

Villa Sweetには専属のTuk tukドライバーがいます。




All prices are for 1 tuk tuk(up to 4person) transportation.



★Angkor ticket 37$/1day 62$/3days

★アンコールチケット 37$/1日 62$/3日



【Sunset at Angkor Wat】 10$

・Time           5:40-6:10PM

・Departure time  4:30PM

・Angkor ticket    $37


It’s 3$ If you take ① or ② at the same day.


It will not be charged for entrance if you buy the ticket for next day.


【Sunrise at Angkor Wat】 10$

・Time           5:50-5:55AM

・Departure time  4:30 or 5:00AM

・Angkor ticket    $37


It’s $5 If you take ① or ② at the same day.


①Small circle Tour $15(5-6hours)

-Most famous temple in cambodia

・Angkor wat

・Angkor thom(Bayon)

・Ta prohm

★Angkor ticket


②Big circle Tour $18(6-7hours)

-Small temples around angkor wat

・Preah Khan

・Neak Pean

・Ta Som

・Ease Mebon

・Pre Rup

★Angkor ticket


③Banteay Srei Tour $25(6hours)

-Called “The eastern Mona Lisa”,made by pink stone.

★Angkor ticket



-Extra Akira Mine Museum

Entrance fee: $5

④Kbal Spean Tour $35(6hours)

-water fall

★Angkor ticket


-Extra Akira Mine Museum

Entrance fee $5

⑤Tonle Sap Lake Floating village Tour(Kompong Phluk)$18

-Extra Jungle Cruise


Exclude – Boat fee: $20

Exclud – Cruse: $5

⑥Beng Mealea(6hour) $40

-Famous for Japanese ANIME “Castlein the sky”


★Entrance fee: $5


⑦Kulen Mountain(8hours)  Car $65

-Water fall,1000linga


★Entrance fee:$20

⑧Roluos Group(4hours) $15

・Preah Ko





★Angkor ticket



・③Banteay Srei➕④Kbal Spean➕⑥Beng Mealea = $65($35 off)

・③Banteay Srei➕④Kbal Spean = $35($25 off)

・⑤Tonle Sap Lake➕⑥Beng Mealea = $55($3 off)


Also we have car!

And we can go anywhere you want.

Please let us know where you want to go.;)



We all looking forward to seeing you!





Driver Doth

Driver Doth,Smey,Kheoun

Driver Chay lol

Driver Kheoun,Sopheak and internship student from Japan


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